by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

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Chapters 9-10 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. How do the aliens from Zircon-212 manipulate their human captives?

2. When did Billy previously read The Big Board?

3. What does the wagon Billy rides in look like?

4. What is the topic of the panel Billy sneaks into?

5. What killed the Maori soldier?

6. Where has the message on Montana’s necklace previously appeared?

7. Why is Barbara glassy-eyed when she comes to visit her father in the hospital?

8. Why does Rumfoord say the Air Force wanted to cover up the bombing of Dresden?

9. Which historical personage do the Tralfamadorians find fascinating?

10. Where has the special picture the owners of the bookstore kept behind the counter previously appeared?

1. They make the humans think that they are investing in stocks for them back on Earth.

2. He read it when he was in the mental ward of the veterans’ hospital.

3. It is green and coffin shaped.

4. The panelists have gathered to discuss the death of the novel.

5. He died of the dry heaves.

6. It was the motto on the wall of Billy’s office.

7. She has been put under sedation because of the death of her mother and collapse of her father.

8. He says that the bombing was kept a secret because of the “bleeding hearts.”

9. The Tralfamadorians are very sympathetic to the philosophy of Charles Darwin.

10. It is the same picture that Roland Weary was carrying around with him in Germany.

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