by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

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Chapters 6-7 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Does Billy get committed to an asylum after the incident in his optometry office?

2. What does Paul Lazarro say is the sweetest thing in life?

3. Why does Billy take Cinderella’s silver boots?

4. What animal disease is used to describe Paul Lazarro?

5. Why are the Dresdeners the color of putty?

6. What mistake does Billy make after the plane crash?

7. Which of the “millions of things” that Billy dreams after his operation are true?

8. What sarcastic comment does the cook in the communal kitchen of the slaughterhouse make to Billy, Derby, and their 16-year-old guard?

9. What benefit does working at the malt syrup factory have?

10. Why are there spoons hidden all over the factory?

1. He is not committed. His Tralfamadorian philosophy apparently becomes very popular some time between the publication of his first letters and 1976.

2. He says that revenge is the sweetest thing.

3. His own shoes have been nearly destroyed.

4. Lazarro is described as “fizzing with rabies.” If he were a dog, he would have been shot.

5. They have been living off potatoes for two years.

6. He thinks he is back in World War II.

7. According to the text, the true things he dreams were time-travel.

8. She says that all of the real soldiers are dead.

9. The syrup is very nutritious and good to eat.

10. It is illegal to eat the syrup.

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