Slaughterhouse-Five Chapter 4 Questions and Answers
by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

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Chapter 4 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Where has the phrase “mustard gas and roses” previously appeared?

2. What promise does Paul Lazzaro make to Roland Weary before he dies?

3. Aside from crowding, what hardships do the Americans endure on their voyage to the prison camp?

4. How is Billy’s coat different from everyone else’s?

5. Give three details from this chapter that highlight the irony of Edgar Derby’s eventual execution.

6. Why is Billy not allowed to sleep on the floor with everyone else?

7. How does the Tralfamadorian say his kind sees time?

8. What two people die on the way to the prison?

9. For what purpose was the German camp constructed?

10. What is the first question Billy has for the Tralfamadorian?

1. Vonnegut used this phrase to describe his own breath in Chapter One.

2. Lazzaro promises to punish Billy Pilgrim for causing Weary’s death.

3. It is very cold outside, and they receive no more food.

4. Billy is the only person to receive a civilian’s coat.

5. First, Derby had to pull strings to get to fight in the war. Second, his treatment of Roland Weary shows him to be a good man. Third, Derby is one of the few men who actually appears fit enough to be a soldier.

6. He kicks and makes noise in his sleep.

7. He says Tralfamadorians see time stretched out like the Rocky Mountains.

8. Roland Weary and the kindly bum both die.

9. It was intended to be a place for the extermination of Russian captives.

10. Billy asks, “Why me?”