Slaughterhouse-Five Chapter 5 Summary and Analysis

Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

Chapter 5 Summary and Analysis

New Characters
Eliot Rosewater: a patient next to Billy at the insane asylum

Valencia Merble: Billy’s fiancée, and later wife

Montana Wildhack: Billy’s mate in the Tralfamadorian zoo

Billy reads Valley of the Dolls while he is aboard the spaceship. His captor explains to him the curious Tralfamadorian style of writing, which is like reading several telegrams at the same time.

Passing through a time warp sends Billy to two events on a family vacation in the West when he was twelve. Then he goes back to the prison camp. The Americans are led to a bright shed, from which a troop of Englishmen marches out to meet them. The Englishmen are in...

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