The Plot

(Critical Survey of Science Fiction and Fantasy)

Slan opens with nine-year-old Jommy Cross and his mother being hunted by government forces with orders to systematically kill slans, a mutant race identified by tendrils growing in their hair. Slans are telepathic and possess strength and intelligence superior to most humans. Their genetic advantages, compounded with long life spans, give them claim to being the new dominant life-form on Earth and have led to the human policy of genocide against the mutants. Jommy’s mother is killed, but he escapes the mob and is taken into hiding by a drunken old woman, Granny, who coerces him into a life of petty thievery.

Humans are governed by Kier Gray, an absolute dictator who ruthlessly enforces his will on the people, even to the extent of having his entire inner council murdered and pinning the action on his chief of security, John Petty. Gray routinely kills thousands of slans each year but has an apparent affection for a young slan girl, Kathleen Layton, who was captured as an infant and allowed to grow up in his palace, a monumental jewel of slan architecture that has been taken over by humans.

The novel parallels the lives of the two slan children. Jommy’s quest for the elusive slans takes many twists and turns before he inevitably becomes involved with Kathleen. Through a hypnotically planted suggestion, he uncovers his father’s ultimate weapon, an atomic ray gun so devastating that the elder Cross preferred to die rather than...

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