Skellig Ideas for Reports and Papers
by David Almond

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Ideas for Reports and Papers

(Beacham's Guide to Literature for Young Adults)

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1. Baby Joy undergoes heart surgery to save her life. What are the possible heart conditions a baby could be born with that would require corrective surgery? How are the procedures performed and what are the statistics for survival? How is the baby cared for in the hospital?

2. What is the history of football, or soccer? Who invented it, why is it called by different names in England and America, and how have the rules changed over the years?

3. What is homeschooling? Are there any governmental guidelines regulating it? Who teaches the students, and what are their qualifications? What percentage of students in the United States are homeschooled each year?

4. Discuss the evolution of birds from archaeopteryx to the present. What biological differences appear in birds that enable them to fly?

5. Discuss the theory of evolution and the theory of creationism. Give examples to back up your argument.

6. Experts have been debating for years whether nature versus nurture has the greatest effect on raising children. Discuss the main points of the debate and use examples to support your own theory about nature versus nurture.

7. Wings have intrigued mankind through the centuries. Is it possible for man to develop the ability to fly? What modifications would the human body have to undergo to make flight possible?

8. What are latch key kids? Discuss this growing phenomenon and its pros and cons.

9. How does the public school system in England differ from the public school system in America? Classes, grades, rules, clothes/uniforms, etc.?

10. Who was Icarus? How is flight depicted in various myths around the world?