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Critics overwhelmingly acknowledge Wasserstein’s great contribution to feminist thought as a playwright. In consideration of the feminist movement, study one of the author’s plays, and comment on the work as it relates to historical developments in the movement. Do Wasserstein’s characters resemble their contemporaries today? Describe the differences and similarities.

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Thematically, Wasserstein’s plays explore the issue of Jewish identity in society. Study the current crisis in the Middle East between the Palestinians and the Israelis. How do aspects of Israel’s struggle mirror those of the characters in the author’s work?

The Holocaust had a devastating effect on the Jews of Poland. The author, having traveled to the area, was startled to see no familiar Jewish faces in a town once inhabited by her people. Investigate the impact of the Holocaust in Poland on its Jewish citizenry.

Environmental issues like Chernobyl loomed large in the 1980s, and the effects of a thirdworld economy on what was considered a superpower took its toll on the Soviet Union. Examine environmental problems in Europe today. How have they changed since the 1980s?

Memories bring Merv and Sara closer together. In their mutual sharing, they discover they have common pasts, besides sharing a common ancestry. Write about the power of reminiscence in the play. Would Merv and Sara have made a connection without a similar past? What does this say/ not say about Sara’s sense of identity?

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