Chapters 28-29 Summary

In answer to Carrie’s questions, Hurstwood assures her that Drouet is not seriously injured. He is on the South Side of town, he tells her, and so they must take the train. Carrie can get no more information out of him, though she thinks it is strange that they must go to the depot to take a train within the city. As the train leaves, Hurstwood asks himself why he did this. He has stolen a large sum of money, and now he has kidnapped a young woman. He continues to give Carrie vague answers to her questions, and she soon becomes suspicious. He tells her that they are not going to see Drouet, but he is taking her to another city. She immediately tells him to let her go and that she does not want anything to do with him. He explains that he cannot live without her and must leave the country. He begs her to go with him to Montreal and promises that he will not touch her. After that, she may go anywhere she wants, even to New York, if that is what she chooses. She refuses to go along with his plan but his constant pressure soon breaks her down. After making sure that he will let her go back to Chicago if she wants, she acquiesces. Hurstwood buys tickets to Montreal, and the couple settles down for the remainder of the trip, expecting to reach their destination by morning.

When they reach Montreal, Hurstwood and Carrie check into a hotel under an assumed named as husband and wife. Hurstwood tells Carrie that he will marry her that day and suggests that she wash up while he goes out for a shave. In the lobby, he sees someone he knows from Chicago. This presents a complication, and he avoids giving too much information to the man. He also notices a man whom he knows is most likely a detective.

He takes Carrie out for breakfast at a restaurant. When they return to the hotel, the detective comes to the room and asks Hurstwood if he intends to return the money; he says Hurstwood will not be able to leave Canada now without being arrested. Hurstwood says he will send a letter to Mr. Moy and let him know. He decides that it would better to return the money. He writes the letter to Mr. Moy, hinting about the possibility of being rehired. Mr. Moy replies that he will not prosecute Hurstwood if the money is returned; he is vague about giving Hurstwood back his position. Hurstwood sends back $9,500 and keeps the rest for himself. He and Carrie go to New York, which does not impress Carrie at all.