Sir Stalwart: A Tale of the King's Daggers Topics for Discussion
by Dave Duncan

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Topics for Discussion

(Beacham's Guide to Literature for Young Adults)

1. What is duty? What duties does a citizen owe to the leader of his or her country? What duties are owed to a king? Does a citizen with special abilities or training have a special duty, and if so, to whom?

2. What duties does a leader owe to his or her people? What duties does a king owe? Does a leader have private duties, and when do they take precedence over public duties?

3. What is informed consent? Does age or experience matter? Does it matter what act is being consented to? What about societal circumstances?

4. What is the difference between a volunteer and a conscript?

5. Is it true what Wart believes, that it is more worthy to earn his living as a knight than as a minstrel?

6. Is it true what Emerald believes, that it is best to maintain an emotional and elemental balance?

7. Is it socially just to have an advantage over someone else? Does it matter if the advantage is an accident of birth or native talent, or if it comes from training or study?

8. Is it socially just to benefit because of your advantage over someone else?

What if you benefit at someone else's expense?

9. If someone who has an advantage over another hurts that person, is the crime the same as if both persons were equal?

10. If Wart had been killed and Emerald tortured, who would be responsible?

11. Is Wart sent out utterly alone on his journey, or is he being kept on a leash short enough to keep him safe?