Other literary forms

(British and Irish Poetry, Revised Edition)

With the exception of one essay and English versions of two Spanish plays, the published writings of Sir Richard Fanshawe (FAN-shaw) are all poems: either original verse or translations from Latin, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese. Both the essay and the plays are undistinguished. No collected edition of Fanshawe’s works exists, but most of the poetry is available in modern texts. Geoffrey Bullough edited The Lusiad (1963), N. W. Bawcutt collected both printed and manuscript material in The Shorter Poems and Translations (1964), and J. H. Whitfield’s Il pastor fido prints the original Italian and Fanshawe’s English on facing pages. The Cyclopedia of English Literature (1847) reprints two poems found nowhere else.

Two extraliterary works throw considerable light on the man and his times: The Memoirs of Anne, Lady Fanshawe, written in 1676 and edited by John Loftis (1979), gives a fond wife’s view of her husband’s private and public life, and Original Letters and Negotiations of His Excellency Sir Richard Fanshawe, published in two volumes (1724), records his years as ambassador to Spain.