illustration of a green shield with an ornate design

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

by Pearl-Poet

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Part Two, Verses 22-34, Lines 491-810 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. When does Gawain leave Camelot to seek the Green Knight?

2. How do the lords and ladies respond to Gawain’s departure?

3. What is the last thing Gawain does before his departure?

4. What does Gawain have painted on the outside of his shield?

5. What is the design of a pentangle?

6. What does Gawain have on the inside of his shield?

7. What are the five virtues connected with the five points of the pentangle?

8. Is the journey of Gawain difficult?

9. What does Gawain do when he comes to the deep woods?

10. Who first greets Gawain when he comes to Haudesert castle?

1. He leaves on All Souls’ Day.

2. They grieve for him, since he may not return.

3. The last thing Gawain does before his departure is to hear Mass.

4. Gawain has a pentangle painted on the outside of his shield.

5. A pentangle is a five-pointed star, drawn in a single line without a beginning or end.

6. Gawain has a picture of the Virgin Mary etched on the inside of his shield.

7. The five virtues are generosity, kindness, continence, courtesy and piety.

8. Yes, the journey is extremely difficult. Gawain has to contend with adversaries such as dragons and wild men, as well as with loneliness and cold.

9. When he comes to the deep woods, Gawain prays to Mary for a place to hear mass.

10. A servant first greets Gawain when he comes to Hautdesert castle.

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