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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

by Pearl-Poet

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Part Three, Verses 46-66, Lines 1126-1647 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What sounds accompany the hunt?

2. Do Bertilak and his men kill all of the deer?

3. What does Gawain first do when Lady Bertilak first enters his chamber?

4. Why does Lady Bertilak tell the guest that he cannot really be Gawain?

5. What does Gawain say on seeing the game that Bertilak brought back after the first day of hunting?

6. What does Bertilak give Gawain according to their agreement when he returns from the first day of hunting?

7. What does Gawain give Bertilak according to their agreement after his first day in the castle?

8. Why can the huntsmen not kill the boar with arrows?

9. How and by whom is the boar finally killed?

10. What does Gawain give Bertilak in exchange for the boar?

1. Horns and the barking of dogs are some of the sounds which accompany the hunt.

2. No, Bertilak and his men leave the stags and kill only the hinds.

3. When Lady Bertilak first enters his chamber, Gawain pretends to be asleep.

4. She says that the guest cannot be Gawain, because a knight like Gawain would not have stayed with a lady so long with¬out claiming a kiss.

5. When Gawain sees the game that Bertilak brought back from the first day of hunting, he says that it is the finest harvest of game during the season that he has seen in seven years.

6. According to their agreement, Bertilak gives Gawain the piles of game that he obtained during the first day of hunting?

7. According to their agreement, Gawain gives Bertilak the kiss he received from the mistress of the house during his first day in the castle.

8. The huntsmen cannot kill the boar with arrows, because they fail to penetrate the hide.

9. The boar is finally killed by Bertilak with his sword.

10. In exchange for the boar, Gawain gives Bertilak the two kisses he received from Lady Bertilak during the day.

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