Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God Overview Quiz

Jonathan Edward's fiery sermon is the most frequently anthologized sermon in American literature. Be sure you recall what makes this Puritan document so compelling and worthy of study by taking this quiz over "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" from eNotes.

  1. What does Edwards say heats the furnaces of hell? 

  2. What does Edwards say will "slip" in due time?

  3. Why have the wicked not fallen already?

  4. What does Edwards say the wicked have always been exposed to?

  5. True or False:  God will have pity on those who repent after the day of mercy is past, provided they renounce their sin and scream loudly enough to be heard over the misery of others who still refuse to repent. 

  6. What imagery does Edwards NOT use to describe the sinners? 

  7. True or False: Living a moral life will save a person from the wrath of God. 

  8. Over what do condemned men constantly and unknowingly walk? 

  9. What biblical story and warning does Edwards close with? 

  10. Edward's compares sinner's resistance to their fate as to: 

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