Singing in the Comeback Choir Characters

Bebe Moore

The Characters

(Literary Essentials: African American Literature)

Lindy Walker loved her granddaughter, but giving up the excitement of performing live for appreciative audiences was difficult. Moreover, although her career may already have been on a downward spiral, she attributed many of her problems to the nature of the music business. Her white manager’s swindling left her embittered, causing her to lose some of her luster. She watched her neighborhood go to ruin, the children of friends turn to drugs and crime, and her own health decline. Her stroke and her diminished circumstances caused her to turn to cigarettes and alcohol. She retains the strength and character necessary to survive, however, if she can accept help from her loved ones.

Maxine McCoy has risen above her beginnings, leaving behind the borderline ghetto for the glamour—and freneticism—of Los Angeles. She and Satchel are well off, enjoying all the perks that come from high-profile jobs in the entertainment industry. She is intent on producing a show of value, one dealing with real issues, rather than yet another example of sensationalist tabloid television. Above all, she wants to create quality programming that will entertain and inform without lapsing into sleaze.

Maxine’s decision to put her career at risk to help care for Lindy during these difficult days helps her begin to realize the importance of going home, both literally and figuratively. She takes on the task of helping her family, friends, and neighborhood with the...

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