since feeling is first

by E. E. Cummings

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Student Question

How can "since feeling is first" by e. e. cummings be divided into complete thought sentences?

Expert Answers

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One of the challenges with the poetry of e. e. cummings is to achieve precisely what you have mentioned - it is difficult to break it down into logical sentence structure. Obviously you might come up with some different answers but here is a suggestion to get you started:

Since feeling is first who pays any attention to teh syntax of things will never wholly kiss you.

Wholly to be a fool whilst Sprin is in the world.

My blood approves, and kisses are a beter fate than wisdom.

Lady I swear by all flowers.

Don't cry - the best gesture of my brain is less that your eyelids' flutter which says we are for each other.

Then laugh, leaning back in my arms.

For life's not a paragraph and death I think is no paranthesis.

Hope this helps!

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