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In Wright's book, the characters are not traditional due to his subject matter and focus. As his book is a Christian commentary on God and Christianity, the characters are mainly God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and humans. Wright seeks to provide guidance and clarity on how to share the gospel, or Good News, of Jesus Christ and how to understand more about Christianity.

Using word imagery, wit, and grace, Wright focuses on what people believe about God, what the Bible says about God, and how God relates to people. He provides a broad-picture approach to the connection between God and man, mainly through Jesus coming to Earth.

Wright's main characters of God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and humankind are interwoven throughout each of the central parts of the book. In the first part of the book, “Echoes of a Voice,” Wright examines elements of the human soul which seek answers to all aspects of life, including spirituality, eternity, and relationships. Wright asserts that every human has an innate draw to learn about God and to know Him.

Part two, entitled “Staring at the Sun,” covers many of the doctrines of Christianity, including God's character, Jesus and His sacrifice, who the Holy Spirit is, and the Second Coming of Christ. In this section, Wright also addresses the unique place Israel has in God's heart and in history.

In the third section, called “Reflecting the Image,” Wright highlights how Christians live out their faith, which comes from devotion to their God and beliefs. He discusses Christian practices of reading the Bible, worship, repentance, prayer, taking the sacraments, and sharing faith.