What is the rising action in The Silver Sword?

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The rising action of The Silver Sword occurs throughout Joseph's escape from the prison camp. The action continues to rise as Ruth, Edek, Bronia, and Jan struggle to survive the war and travel to Switzerland through many hardships.

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Ian Serraillier's The Silver Sword features a long sequence of rising action as it follows the adventures of its various characters. The action rises first in the story of Joseph Balicki, the father of the family, who is taken to a prison camp for turning a picture of Adolph Hitler toward the wall. We readers experience the rising tension as Joseph escapes from the camp and tries to return to his family only to find them gone and their home destroyed.

The story then focuses in on the Balicki children, Ruth, Edek, and Bronia, and their adventures after their parents are taken. The action rises around the three children as they struggle to survive and Edek is captured for his smuggling activities. The action rises further when Jan joins the girls and the trio starts to travel toward Switzerland, reuniting with Edek along the way. They continue their journey through many adventures and close calls, and readers wonder if these young people will ever make it to safety.

The tale finally reaches its climax in the storm on the lake just as the children are preparing to cross into Switzerland to be reunited with Joseph. They all manage to survive, and the story finally resolves with the Balicki family coming together again to start a new life in a new home, with Jan now as part of the family as well.

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