In chapter 21 of The Silver Sword, who said, "All Polish and Ukrainian refugees must be sent home by tomorrow"?

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The Silver Sword (a.k.a "Escape From Warsaw") is a 1956 novel written by English novelist and poet Ian Serraillier. One of the characters, the Burgomaster, is an important town official whose main task is to send the Polish and Ukrainian refugees back to Poland. He is described as a tall, assertive man, who always follows the rules. When he comes to see Kurt, he discovers that the farmer is hiding Polish children and tells him that the children must go home, like the rest. He says:

All Polish and Ukrainian refugees must be sent home by tomorrow. You’re hiding Polish children here.

He also warns the children not to try to escape, as there is only one road, and there are American guards on it—and in the forests as well. It is alluded in the story that even though he is very principled and does his job quite well, the Burgomaster envies Kurt's life.

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