The Silver Hand

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Tegid Tathal, the kingdom’s bard, is the one person with the authority to choose a new king. When the beloved King Meldryn Mawr is murdered, Tegid chooses Llew, the former king’s champion who has just returned from some unnamed journey, as his successor.

But Meldryn’s son, Prince Meldron, has other ideas. Assisted by Siawn Hy, Meldron seizes the kingship by force. One of the first acts of the new king is to throw Tegid and Llew into a hostage pit, but of course they escape and the adventure begins.

There is more at stake here than first meets the eye. Both Siawn and Llew are from another world, and Siawn’s meddling in the affairs of this world have disrupted things on their home world. Llew came back to retrieve Siawn and nothing more, but finds it impossible to accomplish this task without becoming involved in the building of a new kingdom and in waging war against Meldron’s evil forces.

THE SILVER HAND is an engaging fantasy, with interesting characters and lots of action. The one flaw is that a major aspect of the ending is telegraphed much too far in advance. Thus the reader is left wondering when this will take place rather than if. While this volume of the trilogy can be read independently, most readers will want to begin with the first installment, THE PARADISE WAR.