The Silver Chair

by C. S. Lewis

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1. How much has Caspian yielded his own desires to duty in Prince Caspian, The Voyage of the "Dawn Treader," and The Silver Chair? How much has he suffered? Is the ending of The Silver Chair a satisfying reward for his life?

2. What strengths does Jill bring to her adventure? What weaknesses does she bring? Why would Asian choose her to search for Rilian?

3. What adventures would Rilian have had if he had gone with Golg into Bism?

4. Climbing out of the hole into Narnia is almost a rebirth for Jill. How has her adventure changed her?

5. How do their experiences in The Silver Chair prepare Jill and Eustace for what they must endure and do in The Last Battle?

6. There are inviting scenes for drawings and paintings in The Silver Chair such as Caspian the Navigator sailing from Cair Paravel, the Parliament of Owls, Marshwiggle territory, the giant stone bridge, the ruined city, Harfang, the cavern of sleeping creatures, the boat of Earthmen rowing across a dark sea, the capital of Underworld, and the Great Snow Dance. Draw or paint one of these, trying to bring Lewis's descriptions to life in your picture.

7. What are the sources for the idea among educators that disciplining bullies would repress their personalities or do them other psychological harm? How prevalent is this view today?

8. What are the ways Asian manifests himself in The Silver Chair? What does each manifestation mean?

9. Why is Puddleglum part of the adventure in The Silver Chair? What does he contribute to the novel?

10. Are Lewis's references to the Bible intrusive in The Silver Chair? Do they help enrich the plot?

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