In Silas Marner, what is the name of the Raveloe pub?

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The name of the pub in Raveloe is The Rainbow.

In the story, it is said that Squire Cass frequents The Rainbow because he has no wife at home. The Rainbow is the place citizens of Raveloe go to when they want to listen to some local gossip, drink a pint of beer, or meet with friends. After an especially tumultuous argument with Dunstan, Godfrey decides to visit The Rainbow. Even though he has no desire to listen to local gossip about cock-fighting, Godfrey knows that he can relax his guard at the pub. He is less comfortable at home, where he knows his father is furious with him for lending the 100 pounds in rent to Dunstan.

Silas thinks The Rainbow is "the luxurious resort for rich and stout husbands" and where one is "likely to find the powers and dignities of Raveloe." It is also where he goes when he discovers his money has been stolen. There, he demands to speak to the judge, the constable, Squire Cass, and Mr. Crackenthorp (the rector).

From the above, we can see that The Rainbow is the center of Raveloe's social life.

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