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What is the name of Matt's book in "The Sign of the Beaver"?

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Matt had just two books in the cabin with him. He and his father had moved to the wilderness to build a cabin for the family. There had not been room for anything more than the necessities and a few other items as they traveled. Among the items were the books "Robinson Crusoe" and his father's Bible.

Both books play a role in the story but it is "Robinson Crusoe" that plays a larger role. The book provided Matt a tool for teaching Attean the alphabet and English language. Through the story of Crusoe, Matt was able to capture Attean's attention and entice him to learn English. Attean in turn, went back to his tribe and told the others Crusoe's story. Once the book was finished, Matt turned to his other book, his father's Bible, and began to read Biblical stories to Attean.

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