Other Literary Forms

(Critical Edition of Dramatic Literature)

Although best known for his plays, Sidney Howard also translated and adapted a number of works. In his early years, Howard worked as a literary editor and wrote, with Robert Dunn, a collection of articles on strikebreaking agencies entitled The Labor Spy (1921). In 1924, he published four stories under the single title Three Flights Up. Like Robert E. Sherwood and Clifford Odets, Howard devoted much of his time to writing screenplays, primarily for Samuel Goldwyn’s studio. With Wallace Smith, he wrote the script for Bulldog Drummond (1929), based on stories by the British writer H. C. McNeile, who wrote under the pen name “Sapper.” Howard also adapted two novels by Sinclair Lewis, Arrowsmith (1925) in 1931 and Dodsworth (1929) in 1936, to the screen. For his 1939 film adaptation of Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind (1936), Howard won an Academy Award.