Sideways Stories From Wayside School Characters
by Louis Sachar

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Sideways Stories From Wayside School Characters

There are thirty chapters in Sachar's Sideways Stories From Wayside School, one chapter for each of the thirty floors in the school. In each chapter, a new character is introduced.

In the first chapter, Mrs. Gorf both appears and then disappears after she is turned into an apple and eaten by Louis, the yard teacher.Louis remains on the playground throughout much of this novel.The students see him when they go out for recess.

In the second chapter and throughout the rest of the story, Mrs. Jewls takes on the role of teacher.At first, Mrs. Jewls thinks her students are monkeys, but she seems to get over that fact.Mrs. Jewls seldom makes any sense, and she likes to write students names on the board.If she has to discipline a student three times, that student has to leave school at noon and ride the kindergarten bus home.That is the punishment that Mrs. Jewls most frequently hands out.

For the rest of the novel, the students in Mrs. Jewls's class are briefly introduced.Each student has a special characteristic that makes him or her unique.Joe has a lot of hair and has trouble counting.Sharie has trouble staying awake in class and always keeps her coat on.Todd rarely talks, but every time he says anything, Mrs. Jewls puts Todd's name on the board; Todd has to ride the kindergarten bus home every day.Calvin has a lot of trouble figuring out Mrs. Jewls, and he seems to do everything wrong.But, for some strange reason, Mrs. Jewls thinks that Calvin does everything right; Myron has big ears and is class president, but only for one day; and Maurecia loves ice cream but is not too happy with her name.

Paul is the luckiest student in the class because he sits at the back of the room where Mrs. Jewls has trouble seeing what he is doing. Dana always seems to have a lot of mosquito bites.Jason has a small head but a very big mouth.Rondi's two front teeth are missing.Then there's Sammy, who pretends to be a student, but it turns out that he is really a dead rat.Deedee is unusual in a different way.Deedee is the only student who loves recess better than any of her classes.And D.J. loves to smile.

John can only read if he see the words upside down, so he stands on his head a lot.Leslie, the girl with the pigtails, cannot figure out what her toes are good for.Since the school is missing the nineteenth floor, the floor where Miss Zarves's class shouldbe, the school is also missing Miss Zarves.

Kathy is one of...

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