Sideways Stories From Wayside School Chapters 9-11 Summary

Louis Sachar

Chapters 9-11 Summary

Chapter 9: “Maurecia”

Everyone in the class liked Maurecia, but Maurecia only liked ice cream. Maurecia would bring an ice cream cone to school every day and keep it in her desk until lunchtime. She brought all kinds of flavors, but eventually she got tired of them all. By that time, the inside of her desk was a sticky mess, and—what was worse—now Maurecia did not like anything.

Mrs. Jewls did not like seeing Maurecia so unhappy. She invented a new flavor of ice cream for Maurecia; it was called “Maurecia-flavored ice cream.” Everyone liked Maurecia-flavored ice cream, but to Maurecia it had no taste. The next day, Mrs. Jewls brought in “Joe-flavored ice cream.” Maurecia and...

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