Sideways Stories From Wayside School Chapters 6-8 Summary
by Louis Sachar

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Chapters 6-8 Summary

Chapter 6: “Bebe”

Bebe could draw pictures faster than anyone. During art period, she could create “fifty cats, a hundred flowers, twenty dogs.” Calvin, who did not think he was a very good artist, decided that he would just help Bebe with her drawing. As she quickly drew her many pictures, he would pick up her finished papers and set new, clean papers in front of her. This allowed Bebe to draw even more pictures in the time set aside for art.

One day, Mrs. Jewls asked Calvin why he did not draw his own pictures. Calvin laughingly told her that he could not draw nearly as well as Bebe; in the time Bebe could create a hundred pictures, he would only be able to make one. Mrs. Jewls responded by saying:

That isn’t how you measure art. It isn’t how many pictures you have, but how good the pictures are.

Hearing this, Bebe ran out of the room and looked like she was going to cry. She told Louis, the yard teacher, that she was going home to draw a picture of a cat, but when Louis asked her to bring it to school the next day to show him, she said that she could not. It would take much longer than that for her to finish her drawing this time!

Chapter 7: “Calvin”

One day Mrs. Jewls asked Calvin to take a note to Miss Zarves on the nineteenth story. When Calvin tried to tell her there was no nineteenth story and no Miss Zarves, Mrs. Jewls became impatient and threatened to send him home on the kindergarten bus. Calvin left the classroom but did not know what to do. To make matters even worse, Mrs. Jewls had not given him a note.

Calvin saw Louis, the yard teacher, out on the playground, and asked him what to do. Louis told him:

You are not supposed to take no notes to no teachers. You already haven’t done it.

Calvin decided that he would have to go back to Mrs. Jewls and tell her that he could not deliver the note. To his surprise, she just thanked him and said that in the note, she had told Miss Zarves not to meet her for lunch. Calvin was relieved; as there was no Miss Zarves, she certainly would not be meeting Mrs. Jewls for lunch.

Chapter 8: “Myron”

In Mrs. Jewls’s class, the...

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