Sideways Stories From Wayside School Chapters 3-5 Summary
by Louis Sachar

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Chapters 3-5 Summary

Chapter 3: “Joe”

Joe had a problem: he could not count. One day, Mrs. Jewls put five pencils in front of him and asked him to count them. Joe said, “Four, six, one, nine, five...there are five pencils.” Somehow, Joe could always get the right answer, but he counted the wrong way.

Mrs. Jewls had Joe repeat the numbers one to ten in order with her. She then put six erasers in front of him and asked him to count them. Joe said, “One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten...there are ten.” This time Joe counted right, but he got the wrong answer.

No matter how Mrs. Jewls tried to teach Joe, he could not learn to count. If he said the numbers in their correct order, he got the wrong answer; only if he said the numbers in the wrong order could he get the right answer. Finally Mrs. Jewls gave up and told Joe that one day he would just wake up in the morning and suddenly be able to count.

Sure enough, when Joe woke up the next day, he could count; he counted the hairs on his head and discovered that he had “fifty-five thousand and six.” Joe wondered why he should even go to school if he could just wake up in the morning and know what he needed to know.

Chapter 4: “Sharie”

Sharie was very tiny and always wore a big, red-and-blue overcoat to school. Every day she sat next to the window and just stared outside; for some reason, Mrs. Jewls thought she was “the best student in the class.” One day it was very hot, but Sharie still wore her overcoat. The heat made her tired, and she fell asleep in her seat. Tossing and turning, she fell out the window.

Because Mrs. Jewls’s classroom was on the thirtieth story, Sharie had a long way to fall. After she had gone about ten stories, she woke up, but she did not know where she was and went back to sleep. Fortunately, Louis, the yard teacher, saw Sharie fall out the window. He ran across the playground to catch her before she hit the ground. Sharie woke up in Louis’s arms and good-naturedly scolded him for interrupting her dream.

Louis carried Sharie back up thirty flights of stairs to her classroom. That night, at home, Sharie could not sleep. For some reason, she was not tired.

Chapter 5: “Todd”

In Mrs. Jewls’s class, the children were given three chances. If a student did something wrong, his or her name was written on the blackboard under the word

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