Sideways Stories From Wayside School Chapters 28-30 Summary
by Louis Sachar

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Chapters 28-30 Summary

Chapter 28: “Nancy”

Nancy was a boy who hated his name because it was a girl’s name. He had only one friend, a very pretty girl from another class. Nancy did not know her name, and she did not know his either.

One day, Nancy discovered that his friend’s name was Mac and that she hated her name too. Nancy and Mac decided to trade names; they both spun around a hundred times, and when they were done, “Mac was Nancy and Nancy was Mac.”

The other children in Mrs. Jewls’s class liked the idea of trading names and decided that they wanted to do it, too. Everyone started spinning around in all different directions, and when they were done, no one knew who anybody was. Although it took quite a while, in the end they untangled the mess. Everyone decided just to keep their own names because it made everything easier.

But Mac and Nancy got to keep their new names.

Chapter 29: “Stephen”

Stephen came to school on Friday dressed up as a goblin. Halloween was not until Sunday, but Mrs. Jewls had said they would celebrate on Friday instead. Stephen was the only one who came to school in a costume, and some of the kids gave him a hard time about it.

Mrs. Jewls gave each student a cookie for the Halloween celebration, which lasted only about thirty seconds. Stephen felt foolish because he had to spend the rest of the day wearing his costume.

As Mrs. Jewls began teaching arithmetic, the chalk in her hand suddenly turned into a “squiggling worm.” The lights went out, and the blackboard changed into a movie screen. A woman appeared on the screen, then stepped out into the classroom. It was the ghost of Mrs. Gorf!

Mrs. Jewls told Mrs. Gorf to get out of her classroom, but Mrs. Gorf said that on Halloween ghosts could go wherever they liked. She added that since Halloween fell on a Sunday this year, it should be celebrated on that day, the Friday before.

Hearing this, Stephen ran to Mrs. Gorf and told her that the kids had laughed at him for wearing his costume to school when it was not even Halloween. He was so glad Mrs. Gorf agreed that Halloween should be celebrated on that day that he gave her a big hug. Mrs. Gorf gasped, then disappeared. Everyone who had laughed at Stephen thought he was a hero.

Chapter 30: “Louis”

Louis was the yard teacher at Wayside School. One day in...

(The entire section is 627 words.)