Sideways Stories From Wayside School Chapters 28-30 Summary

Louis Sachar

Chapters 28-30 Summary

Chapter 28: “Nancy”

Nancy was a boy who hated his name because it was a girl’s name. He had only one friend, a very pretty girl from another class. Nancy did not know her name, and she did not know his either.

One day, Nancy discovered that his friend’s name was Mac and that she hated her name too. Nancy and Mac decided to trade names; they both spun around a hundred times, and when they were done, “Mac was Nancy and Nancy was Mac.”

The other children in Mrs. Jewls’s class liked the idea of trading names and decided that they wanted to do it, too. Everyone started spinning around in all different directions, and when they were done, no one knew who anybody was....

(The entire section is 627 words.)