Sideways Stories From Wayside School Chapters 25-27 Summary
by Louis Sachar

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Chapters 25-27 Summary

Chapter 25: “Jenny”

Jenny came to school late one day, but when she raced up to her classroom, there was no one there. Jenny did not know what to do, so she took out her spelling book and began to do some work. Suddenly a man with a black mustache and an attaché case burst into the room. Jenny jumped from her seat, but the man ordered her to sit back down and began to ask her questions.

The man asked Jenny what she was doing there and where the rest of her class was. When Jenny suggested that perhaps the class had gone on a field trip, the man snapped that they indeed had not. He asked Jenny if she had been puzzled when she had arrived in class and found that no one was there. The man was not very nice, and Jenny started to cry.

Two more men came into the room, and the three of them talked among themselves about Jenny. One of them asked her why she was the only one in school, and when Jenny insisted that she did not know what was going on, the men conferred until finally one of them said he was satisfied with her story. The men let Jenny go and told her, “Next time, don’t come to school on a Saturday.”

Chapter 26: “Terrence”

Terrence was a bad sport. The other children did not like to let him play ball with them, but Louis said they had to. Every time Terrence got to play, however, he would take the ball and kick it over the fence the first chance he got. When the other kids naturally protested, he would fight back by saying something mean.

Eventually, there were no balls left because Terrence had kicked them all over the fence. Terrence went to Louis and complained that there was “nothing left to kick.” Louis responded oddly by telling him that although there were no more balls, there might indeed be “something left to kick.” The other kids caught on an agreed with Louis; Terrence excitedly demanded, “Give it to me! Give it to me!”

Since Terrence had asked for it, Louis picked him up and kicked him over the fence.

Chapter 27: “Joy”

Joy had forgotten her lunch at home, and she was very hungry. When Dameon left his lunch bag on his desk to go get some milk from Miss Mush, Joy stole it, ate its contents, and left the trash on the desks of other children.

When Dameon returned and complained that his...

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