Sideways Stories From Wayside School Chapters 22-24 Summary
by Louis Sachar

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Chapters 22-24 Summary

Chapter 22: “The Three Erics”

There were three Erics in Mrs. Jewls’s class: Eric Fry, Eric Bacon, and Eric Ovens. All three of the Erics had nicknames.

Eric Bacon’s nickname was “Fatso” even though he was the skinniest kid in the class. Because the other two Erics were fat, everyone thought all Erics were fat. Eric Bacon hated his nickname.

Eric Fry really was big, but he was the best athlete in the class, because his body was all muscle. However, because the other two Erics were clumsy, no one noticed how good Eric Fry really was at sports. While playing baseball one day, Eric Fry just missed making a spectacular catch. Everyone assumed he was a poor player, so they did not see how skilled he was to even get close to the ball on that play, and they gave him the nickname “Butterfingers.”

Because Eric Bacon and Eric Fry hated their nicknames so much, they became mean. Eric Ovens was the nicest person in Mrs. Jewls’s class, but because everyone thought all Erics were mean, he earned the nickname “Crabapple.”

Even though their nicknames did not fit, it was better that the Erics had them. At least that way they would know which one of them was being spoken to when people called them.

Chapter 23: “Allison”

Allison was Rondi’s best friend. She often said that she was the one who knocked Rondi’s two front teeth out. Because she was very pretty, all the boys liked to tease her about it. Allison, however, responded by saying, “Leave me alone or I’ll knock your teeth out—like I did Rondi’s,” so the boys left her alone after that.

Allison was especially nice to the teachers. When Miss Mush, the lunch teacher, asked for her tangerine, Allison gave it to her because Miss Mush always gave food to the children. When Louis, the yard teacher, asked to play with her tennis ball, Allison was happy to lend it to him because Louis always gave balls to children. But when Jason ran up to her, however, and tagged her in freeze tag, she told him, “Get out of here before I knock your teeth out.”

One day, Allison was helping Mrs. Jewls in the classroom. She had to tell Mrs. Jewls how to spell the word “chair.” Mrs. Jewls thanked her, saying, “Children are really smarter than their teachers.” Allison responded, “Everybody knows that.”

Chapter 24: “Dameon”

Mrs. Jewls was going to show a movie, and she...

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