Sideways Stories From Wayside School Chapters 18-21 Summary
by Louis Sachar

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Chapters 18-21 Summary

Chapter 18: “Leslie”

Leslie had “ten adorable little toes,” but she did not know what to do with them. She told Louis, the yard teacher, “I don’t know what to do with my toes.” Louis told Leslie that if she did not want her toes, she could cut them off and give them to him. Louis would then pass them on to Miss Mush, the lunch teacher, so she could make little hot dogs out of them.

Louis told Leslie that he would give her five cents apiece for her toes, and Leslie thought that was a pretty good idea. When she told Louis he could have her toes for a nickel apiece, however, Louis wanted to see them first. He then decided they were not worth the full amount he had promised, so the deal was off.

Louis then offered Leslie a dollar for each of her pigtails. Leslie was astonished—she was not about to cut off her hair to give to him.

Chapter 19: “Miss Zarves”

“There is no Miss Zarves. There is no nineteenth story.”

Chapter 20: “Kathy”

Kathy hates everyone. The only person she ever liked in Mrs. Jewls’s class was Sammy, and he was a dead rat. Kathy has good reasons for not liking anyone. She does not like Mrs. Jewls because Kathy had a pet cat, and Mrs. Jewls told her once that if she was nice to him, he would not run away. Kathy locked the cat in her closet at home and sometimes did not feed him; the cat got out and did not come back. Kathy concluded that Mrs. Jewls lied to her. That is why Kathy does not like Mrs. Jewls.

Another time, Dameon tried to teach Kathy to play catch. Kathy was afraid she would get hurt, but Dameon told her she would not as long as she kept her eye on the ball. Kathy closed her eyes and got hit in the cheek. She blamed Dameon for her injury because he had told her she would not get hurt. That is why Kathy does not like Dameon.

Kathy hates people she has never even met. She knows that if they get to know her, they will not like her. Kathy is...

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