Sideways Stories From Wayside School Chapters 15-17 Summary
by Louis Sachar

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Chapters 15-17 Summary

Chapter 15: “Deedee”

Deedee loved recess. Everyday as soon as the recess bell rang, she would run downstairs to the playground from the thirtieth story. When she got there, she would ask Louis for a green ball or a red one, but someone always beat her to it. By the time Deedee got down to the playground, only the yellow ball was left, but the yellow ball was no good.

One day Deedee asked Mrs. Jewls if she could go out to recess early, and Mrs. Jewls said she could if she could spell Mississippi. Deedee was not a good speller, and by the time she spelled the word right, she was late for recess. Needless to say, Deedee did not get the green ball or the red one that day either.

Finally, Deedee came up with a plan. The next day, just before recess, she smeared cream cheese and jelly over her face, stuffed her mouth with nuts, and hung shredded cheese from her nose to make herself look like a dead rat. When Mrs. Jewls saw her she said, “I want that dead rat outside immediately!” Before she knew it, Deedee found herself out on the playground. She was the first one out to recess, and Louis gave her a green ball.

Chapter 16: “D.J.”

D.J. always had a smile on his face. Anyone who saw him could not help but smile too. Jason came to school late one day and was very upset, but when he saw D.J.’s smiling face he started laughing so hard he fell down on the floor. Everyone started to laugh then:

The whole room seemed to be laughing...the blackboard chuckled...the ceiling snickered...the floor...laughed until the walls turned purple.

Even Kathy laughed, and she never laughed except when someone hurt himself.

Mrs. Jewls and the other children tried to figure out why D.J. was so happy, but no one could guess the answer. Later, Louis the yard teacher asked D.J. why he was always smiling. D.J. said simply, “You don’t need a reason to be happy.”

Chapter 17: “John”

John was one of the smartest boys in the class, but he could only read words written upside down. This was not a problem in his reading group because he could just turn his book upside...

(The entire section is 597 words.)