Sideways Stories From Wayside School Chapters 12-14 Summary
by Louis Sachar

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Chapters 12-14 Summary

Chapter 12: “Jason”

One day Jason tattled on Joy, who had a mouth full of gum. He then jumped out of his seat and wrote Joy’s name on the blackboard under DISCIPLINE himself. While he was up, Joy took the gum out of her mouth and put it on his chair. When Jason sat back down, he was stuck. Mrs. Jewls got angry at Joy and told her she would have to go home on the kindergarten bus.

Jason could not get out of his chair. Mrs. Jewls threw ice water all over him to try to make the gum less sticky, but it did not work. Now poor Jason was “wet and...cold and...still stuck!”

Mrs. Jewls decided that the only way to get Jason unstuck would be to cut off his pants. She asked the three Erics to take him to the bathroom; the three Erics picked up Jason’s chair and turned him upside down. Joy told Mrs. Jewls that she knew a way to get Jason free. Mrs. Jewls told her that if she could do it, she would not have to go home on the kindergarten bus. While Jason was hanging there helplessly, Joy came up and kissed him on the nose. Jason fell out of his chair, and Joy erased her name from the blackboard.

Chapter 13: “Rondi”

Rondi was missing her two front teeth. Everyone told her, “Your front teeth are so cute!” but Rondi did not understand because she knew her front teeth were not there. The other kids started teasing her, telling her that the coat and hat and boots she was not wearing were very cute too. Then suddenly everybody sitting near her started to laugh—at a joke she did not tell!

Mrs. Jewls got very angry at the disruption and wrote Rondi’s name on the blackboard under DISCIPLINE. Rondi protested that she had not told a joke, but Mrs. Jewls responded that “the funniest jokes are the ones that remain untold.”

Thoroughly frustrated, Rondi decided to play along and really told a joke, but no one reacted at all. At recess, Louis the yard teacher came up to Rondi and asked her to smile so he could see her “cute front teeth.” Rondi screamed and socked him in the stomach.

Chapter 14: “Sammy”

One rainy day, a new boy named Sammy came to class. No one could tell what he looked like,...

(The entire section is 598 words.)