Sideways Stories From Wayside School Introduction and Chapters 1-2 Summary
by Louis Sachar

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Introduction and Chapters 1-2 Summary

Wayside School is very unique. Although it was supposed to be only one story high with thirty classrooms all lined up in a row, it was accidentally built to be thirty stories high with one classroom on each story. All of the stories in this book are about the teachers and children who go to class on the top story of Wayside School.

Chapter 1: “Mrs. Gorf”

Mrs. Gorf was the meanest teacher at Wayside School. If the children were bad, she would wiggle her ears, stick out her tongue, and turn them into apples. Joe was afraid Mrs. Gorf would turn him into an apple because he couldn’t add, so he copied off of John. Mrs. Gorf caught him and turned both him and John into apples.

By the end of the day, two more children had been turned into apples, and all four apples had stay the night on Mrs. Gorf’s desk. Their parents were worried, but the other children were too afraid of Mrs. Gorf to tell what had happened. By the end of the week, all the children in the class had annoyed Mrs. Gorf in one way or another, and all had been turned into apples.

Mrs. Gorf thought she would not have to teach anymore and was ready to go home for good, but one of the apples, Todd, jumped off the desk and bopped her in the nose. All the other apples jumped on Mrs. Gorf, too. She shouted at them to stop and threatened to turn them into applesauce. The apples were not scared, however, and demanded to be turned back into children. Seeing that she had no choice, Mrs. Gorf did what they asked by sticking her tongue out first, then wiggling her ears.

When all the apples were children again, Mrs. Gorf tried to turn them back into apples—but when she began to wiggle her ears, Jenny held up a mirror, and Mrs. Gorf turned herself into an apple. Louis, the yard teacher, came into the classroom, saw the apple that was really Mrs. Gorf on the desk, and ate it.

Chapter 2: “Mrs. Jewls”

Mrs. Gorf was replaced by...

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