My Side of the Mountain

by Jean George

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On which page of "My Side of the Mountain" are the instructions for making acorn pancakes?

Expert Answers

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In my edition, the recipe for making acorn pancakes is on page 67, in the chapter entitled "In Which Frightful Learns her ABCs." It is quite incredible to think about how Sam, a young boy, is able to provide for himself and even complete laborious tasks such as making flour out of acorns to supply his needs. Certainly, this chapter explains how, now that he has become more established, and in particular has enough food stored so that he does not have to hunt or worry about where the next meal is going to come from, Sam has more time in order to engage in time-consuming tasks such as flour making. Note how he has to do this:

I would bake the acorns in the fire, and grind them between stones... I would simply add spring water to the flour and bake this on a piece of tin. When done, I had the best pancakes ever. They were flat and hard, like I imagined Indian bread to be.

They are of course an acquired taste, as Sam's father discovers when he comes and stays with his son and needs to cover a pancake in jam to be able to eat it!

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