Historical Context

(Short Stories for Students)

The British Empire and Nationalism
‘‘The City of London,’’ writes Paul Johnson in Modern Times, ‘‘was...

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Literary Style

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Point of View
In ‘‘Shooting an Elephant,’’ Orwell employs a casually assumed first-person point of view; what readers...

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Bibliography and Further Reading

(Short Stories for Students)

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Compare and Contrast

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1930s: High-water mark of the British Empire. Burma is one of the Empire’s most productive colonies. Also an important decade for...

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Topics for Further Study

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The theme of sacrifice in ‘‘Shooting an Elephant’’ is also evident in Orwell’s essay ‘‘A Hanging.’’ Read ‘‘A...

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What Do I Read Next?

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The essay ‘‘Such, Such were the Joys . . .’’ is an autobiographical account of Orwell’s years in the bleak and unsympathetic...

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