In "Shoeless Joe," who are the protagonist and antagonist?

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Shoeless Joe was actually the basis for one of the most popular baseball movies of all time: Field of Dreams. The story is about a man who hears a voice telling him to build a baseball field in the middle of his corn field. He does this, and the field becomes a place where legendary baseball players, including (eventually) his hero, Shoeless Joe Jackson, come to play.

The protagonist in this story is the narrator, Ray Kinsella, the owner of the farm who is "touched by the land." He hears the voice that tells him to build the baseball field, and he sets the entire story in motion. He is responsible for the action in the story and is thus the protagonist.

It could also be argued that the fictionalized version of author J. D. Salinger is a secondary protagonist, as he helps Ray in his mission. Specifically, he helps him track down a player named Moonlight Graham.

The antagonist in the story is Mark, Ray's brother-in-law. He is the one who opposes Ray's dream at every turn: he wants to shut down all the baseball field nonsense (he cannot see the ghosts of the players on the field like the others can, because he doesn't believe in them) and modernize the farm so that it will bring in more money. The fact that he is the opposing force to Ray's protagonist makes him the antagonist.

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