What are 5 similarities between Shoeless Joe and Moonlight Graham?

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One similarity between both characters is that they are shown to be both part of life and beyond life.  They represent life because they were both real people in the narrative.  Yet, they are in a condition after life where their presence as ghosts or spirits enable life to have more meaning.  It is here where another similarity can be found.  Both of them recognize and embody a love for baseball.  Baseball comes to be a force of life that almost stops time, something majestic and mystical that impacts both of them profoundly.  Moonlight Graham, happy with being a Doctor, demonstrates himself equally happy to have had time in uniform.  Shoeless Joe would embody nothing else than a supreme love for baseball and what it represented to him.  Both characters help to transform Ray.  They both enable him to recognize the power of baseball, the human relations within it, as well as how life, itself, can be seen in both complex and simplistic lights.  In this, both Shoeless Joe and Moonlight Graham occupy significant importance in the text in terms of their impact on Ray.

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