Chapters 38-39 Summary

A huge storm hits Newfoundland just after Agnis returns to Killick-Claw from St. John’s. Quoyle teases that she must have brought the storm with her. She tells him never to say that to Newfoundlander because it is bad luck.

Quoyle arranges a party for Agnis so the townspeople can welcome her home. At the party, Wavey has a secret. Quoyle must go upstairs to see it. When he enters his daughter’s room, he finds Bunny cuddling with a white puppy. From the time they first arrived on the island, Bunny had been frightened by a vision of a white dog. Wavey has found a way for Bunny to get over that fear. Quoyle returns downstairs and gives Wavey a kiss—the first public show of affection for her. The people around them...

(The entire section is 632 words.)