Chapters 36-37 Summary

Billy Pretty has decided that he does not want to be Managing Editor for the newspaper, so Jack Buggit gives the job to Quoyle. Quoyle feels pleased with himself and sends the masthead of the paper to his friend, Partridge, back in the States. A while later, Partridge calls, but it is not just to congratulate Quoyle. Partridge tells Quoyle that there are riots where he lives. People are going crazy; it is not safe. His wife was driving her truck and had to duck a bullet that shattered her windshield. Quoyle reflects on where he lives. He thinks maybe having to deal with severe winters in Newfoundland may not be such a big challenge.

Quoyle leaves the newspaper office when he sees Jack’s boat come in. Jack wants to...

(The entire section is 994 words.)