Chapters 32-33 Summary

It is the night of Nutbeem’s going away party. He has invited more than fifty people and is holding the party in his small trailer. Quoyle helps Nutbeem set up the food and drinks. He also takes a tour of Nutbeem’s place. He is considering living there after Nutbeem moves out, but he changes his mind upon seeing how small it is.

When they go into the bathroom, Quoyle notices a big, yellow barrel in the shower stall and asks about it. Nutbeem explains it is the closest thing to a tub he could fit inside the trailer. He takes baths in it. Later, when they are looking for a container big enough to hold thirty bags’ worth of potato chips, Nutbeem suggests they use the yellow barrel coated with soap scum. So Quoyle...

(The entire section is 733 words.)