Chapters 29-31 Summary

Quoyle is staying with Dennis and Beety until he can find a place where he and his daughters can live. He is considering taking over Nutbeem’s trailer, since Nutbeem is due to leave Newfoundland soon. In the meantime, Billy Pretty persuades Quoyle to get Alvin Yark to build him a boat. Quoyle warms up to the idea once Pretty tells him that Alvin Yark is Wavey’s uncle.

Quoyle calls Wavey and tells her he wants her uncle to build him a boat and asks if she wants to go with him to Yark’s place. Wavey is excited about going. She calls her aunt to tell her, and the aunt invites them to dinner. When they get to the Yark’s house, Alvin takes Quoyle out to his workshop. He tells Quoyle about the kind of boat he can...

(The entire section is 645 words.)