Chapters 27-28 Summary

Jack Buggit has a strange intuition about what people want to read in his newspaper. A lot of what is written discusses tragedy. Quoyle’s most recent story is about Harold Nightingale, an islander with bad luck.

Through the story about Nightingale, Quoyle lists the problems with trying to make a living off fishing in Newfoundland. He tells how Nightingale spent $423 on gas recently for his boat trip and $2,150 on licenses for the year. Another $4,670 went into boat repairs and $1,200 to fix his fishing nets. At the end of the day, Nightingale came back with nine fish, barely enough to feed his family for a week, let alone make a living off them. Then Nightingale decided to stop fishing for a living, so he went out to...

(The entire section is 510 words.)