Chapters 16-18 Summary

Quoyle enjoys going over to the home of Dennis (the carpenter) and his wife, Beety. Quoyle’s children spend a lot of time there, playing with Dennis’s children. Beety is a good cook and always offers home-cooked food when Quoyle stops by to pick up Bunny and Sunshine.

While there, Dennis tells Quoyle more about his father, Jack Buggit, the owner of the newspaper. Dennis claims his father has the gift: his father is very intuitive, aware of things other people are not. One night while Dennis’s older brother, Jesson, was out at sea, Jack stood up at the dinner table and exclaimed that Jesson was dead. There had been no news of the loss. Jack only sensed it, and it turned out to be true. Dennis is still angry,...

(The entire section is 620 words.)