Chapters 13-15 Summary

A new boat sails into town, and everyone is talking about it. Although it is raining hard outside, Quoyle heads out to the dock to write a story about it. The boat is said to have once belonged to Hitler. Billy Pretty asks if he can go with Quoyle. On their way to the dock, Pretty tells Quoyle to stop and pick up a woman and her son walking in the rain along the side of the road. Quoyle has seen this woman several times and has become curious about her, so he is glad to meet her. The woman’s name is Wavey Prowse and she is a young widow. Her son has Down’s syndrome, which many of the islanders blame on the fright Wavey experienced when her husband was lost at sea during her pregnancy. Quoyle drops Wavey off at her house.


(The entire section is 610 words.)