Chapters 10-12 Summary

When Quoyle comes home from work, he finds his Aunt Agnis sitting in the motel room with her coat on. On a chair next to her is a bundle covered in a sheet. She tells him that her dog, Warren, has died. She has sent the girls to the carpenter’s house to play with his daughters and so they will not have to go through yet another tragedy. She also tells him that the carpenter, Dennis, has said the house can be livable in a couple of weeks if Quoyle helps him. When Nutbeem comes by to talk, Agnis goes off by herself and buries her dog at sea.

Nutbeem finishes a story that Quoyle first heard from Jack Buggit about Jack’s son, who is Dennis the carpenter. Jack had lost a son in the sea and swore he would not lose...

(The entire section is 685 words.)