Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea Summary

Gary Kinder

Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

There is nothing so exciting as a story of treasure; of its accumulation, its transportation, its loss, and its eventual recovery. Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island and George Lucas’ Raiders of the Lost Ark are just two of many examples. But these are fictional stories. Fully ten years in the making Gary Kinder’s Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea is that rare true story that grabs the reader and does not let go. A brilliant weaving of history that comes alive; readers are literally passengers, on the ship Central America as it takes on water and founders in the mid-Atlantic, and as members of the team headed by Tommy Thompson that finds and salvages it.

Early in the book readers are taken to Tommy Thompson’s childhood town in Ohio and watch him grow up. This becomes the key to the book and the achievement that follows, for it shows how Tommy can one day achieve the impossible. He uses his mind, and with ingenuity makes it happen.

Most authors would have been blinded by the sheer numbers. Four hundred lives lost. Twenty-one tons of gold sunk. A ship at the bottom of eight-thousand feet of water. But Gary Kinder makes this a tale of determination and human potential and that is what makes this book truly inspiring.