Chapter 21 Summary

It is not long before Dolores takes over many of Dante's domestic chores. She washes his clothes. She irons his shirts. She vacuums his apartment. Dante nicknames her “Home Ec.”

One evening, as she is giving Dante a back massage, Dolores considers all the lies she has told him, both directly and by omission. There are small lies, like being a water color artist, and big lies, like saying she is on the "Pill." Her lies by omission include, of course, how she came to be in Rhode Island and her connection with Kippy in college.

When she is not caring for Dante, Dolores is at work. Shortly after arriving, she got a job at Grand Union, the local supermarket. Dolores really longs for a friend to talk to. She...

(The entire section is 680 words.)