Chapter 11 Summary

The wallpaper man shows up for the job. He looks like a hippie with long, curly hair and shirtless overalls. He is also quite cheerful. He asks Dolores if there is a radio he can listen to while he works.

Dolores has prepared for the arrival of a male stranger in her home by hiding knives in every room of the house, just in case this man might try to rape her. Even though he seems harmless, she is still uncomfortable being alone in the house with him. She decides to go visit Mr. Pucci, who lives about five miles away. Dolores calls a taxi.

When she arrives and rings the bell, Dolores is surprised when a man she does not know opens the door. He tells her Mr. Pucci is not home. Dolores is forlorn. She asks if...

(The entire section is 507 words.)