Shena Mackay

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Principal Works

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Dust Falls on Eugene Schlumburger and Toddler on the Run (novellas) 1964

Music Upstairs (novel) 1965

Old Crow (novel) 1967

An Advent Calendar (novel) 1971

Babies in Rhinestones and Other Stories (short stories) 1983

A Bowl of Cherries (novel) 1984

Redhill Rococo (novel) 1986

Dreams of Dead Women's Handbags (short stories) 1987

Dunedin (novel) 1992

The Laughing Academy (short stories) 1993

Collected Short Stories (short stories) 1994

The Orchard on Fire (novel) 1995

The Artist's Widow (novel) 1998

The World's Smallest Unicorn: Stories (short stories) 1999

Heligoland (novel) 2000

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